This web site contains various R web applications made by the FSU college of education R group.

Introductory Statistics

These are demos I wrote for my introductory statistics class. They are at


Included in this directory is a set of instructions for using R in our statistics labs. These start with Installing R.

Educational Data Analysis

These are scripts following the educational data analysis class (EDF 5484). Many of them correspond to exercises in the book Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models by Gelman and Hill.

Update: We are now using Regression and Other Stories. The examples are on Github

These are in the directory

Educational Data Analysis

These are scripts following the Bayesian data analysis class (EDF 5404). This class also uses Gelman and Hill (and hopefully and update of Part 2 will be out soon).y

These are in the directory

About the R Group

More information about the FSU R group, including instructions for joining can be found at You can join the mailing list at

A list of presentation notebooks (in Rmd format) can be found at:

The source code for our Shiny apps can be found at That is the location of our subversion repository (write access available to R group members).

Last Modified: 2020-09-04.

Russell Almond