This web site will eventual host three projects related to the infrastructure of Physics Playground. The framework is build the four-process architecture of Almond, Steinberg, and Mislevy (2002).

Almond, R. G., Steinberg, L. S., and Mislevy, R.J. (2002). Enhancing the design and delivery of Assessment Systems: A Four-Process Architecture. Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment, 1.

Update 21 November, 2019. These are now fully functional and being used to score Physics Playground. Still debugging, but at least minimal functionality is available.


This generally handles messages from the four process architecture. It also handles logging to databases and recovery of messages from databases.

Dependent Technologies

Proc4 is currently using the following R packages:

It also assumes that a Mongo database is installed locally (or that you have remote access). Instructions for downloading and installing Mongo can be found at the Mongo download center. This includes the mongoimport and mongoexport tools, which are a separate install on some distributions.


Note: at the moment, the packages are pure R code, so only the source release is provided.

0.2-2Proc4_0.2-2.tar.gz Proc4_0.2-2-manual.pdf First reasonably functional version.
0.4-1Proc4_0.4-1.tar.gz (Manual not available) Used in May 2019 FSUS study..
0.4-2Proc4_0.4-2.tar.gz Proc4_0.4-2-manual.pdf Trimed context names, fixed error handling, documentaiton cleanup.
0.4-4Proc4_0.4-4.tar.gz Proc4_0.4-4-manual.pdf Added TableListener. Fixed issue with reading mongoexport json.
0.4-5Proc4_0.4-5.tar.gz Proc4_0.4-5.tgz Proc4_0.4-5-manual.pdf Operational. Added Status.php to dongle..

The Proc4 package contains extra code for managing the "Dongle" layer between the game engine and the other processes. This is described in the file Dongle.pdf.

The development code is available at the subversion repository is at:

EIEvent (Evidence Identification by Event)

This is a rule based system for processing event logs to produce observables. A draft Rules of Evidence Manual describing the rule format and logic is available. There is also a "Quick Start" (20 pages!) guide which covers installation, setup and basic running Quick Start Guide

I gave a talk about this at the Maryland Assessment Research Center (MARC) conference. You can download the slides or view a video (warning 1.6 MB).


Note: at the moment, the packages are pure R code, so only the source release is provided.

0.1-4 EIEvent_0.1-4.tar.gz EIEvent_0.1-4-manual.pdf Rules can be run and tested, but not yet integrated with database..
0.1-6EIEvent_0.1-6.tar.gz EIEvent_0.1-6-manual.pdf Bug fix for rule tests.
0.4-1 EIEvent_0.4-1.tar.gz EIEvent_0.4-1-manual.pdf (not yet available) Used in May 2019 FSUS study..
0.4-2EIEvent_0.4-2.tar.gz EIEvent_0.4-2-manual.pdf Efficiency Improvements and Complete Documentation.
0.4-3 EIEvent_0.4-3.tar.gz EIEvent_0.4-3.tgz EIEvent_0.4-3-manual.pdf Operational Version. Loader, Scoring and Rescoring Scripts included.

The development version is in the subversion repository is at:

EABN (Evidence Accumulation using Bayes Nets)

This handles evidence accumulation using Bayesian networks. It uses RNetica and Peanut for its Bayes net Engine.

0.4-1 EABN_0.4-1.tar.gz EABN_0.4-1-manual.pdf (not yet available) Used in May 2019 FSUS study..
0.4-2 EABN_0.4-2.tar.gz EABN_0.4-2.tgz EABN_0.4-2-manual.pdf Now debugged.

The subversion repository is at:

User Survey

We will add a user survey when this is completed. Please stop by to fill it out.

RSS Feed

I've added an RSS feed. The link is Proc4RSS.

Sponsorship Information

Work on the Proc4, EIEvent and EABN packages has been supported by the National Science foundation grants DIP: Game-based Assessment and Support of STEM-related Competencies (#1628937, Val Shute, PI) and Mathematical Learning via Architectual Design and Modeling Using E-Rebuild. (#1720533, Fengfeng Ke, PI). The development of the Proc4, EIEvent and EABN packages was led by Russell Almond (Co-PI).

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